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Accelerated Learning


Kurri Kurri High School has run an accelerated learning program since 2017 with increased success for those involved.


What is accelerated learning?

Accelerated learning is one of many strategies that schools may employ to respond to the academic and social needs of capable students. It involves the promotion of a student to a level of study beyond that which is usual for their age. At Kurri Kurri High School we have students in Year 10 beginning their study of Year 11 in ONE subject. This means that they attend a Year 11 class and complete that course work with Year 11 students in place of completing one elective in Year 10. This then allows them to be completing ONE HSC course while they are still in Year 11 so that when they begin Year 12, they have already completed ONE HSC course.


Who should take on accelerated learning?

In selecting appropriate students for accelerated progression, a wide range of factors need to be considered including a student’s:

  • academic capacity
  • school performance
  • early achievement of the required outcomes
  • social adjustment
  • emotional readiness for the acceleration proposed and
  • future patterns of study


What subjects can be taken?

This varies from year to year depending upon what subjects are running at the school and the availability of spaces within the course.


When can accelerated learning be undertaken?

The accelerated academic initiative at KKHS begins when students are in Year 10


How do you enrol in accelerated learning?

Teachers will nominate students they feel are capable of engaging in an accelerated course. An information session will be held throughout the year to convey details to parents of the identified students and allow them to ask questions and discuss any concerns.