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ANZAC Memorial Projects

Our HSIE faculty encourages and engages our Year 9 cohort each year to learn about the significance of WWI conflicts and the role Australians played.  This focus on the birth of the Anzac spirit has lead to the creation of various legacy projects to commemorate the these events, the people involves and in turn work together and contribute to a common goal.

Below are the outlines of two of these projects:

THE STORY OF JOSEPH ELLIOT - 2nd Corporal 1, Tunneling Coy. A.I.F.

Driven by the initial letter, reaching out to KKHS from Christine Barrett, Year 9 students took on the project of bringing the story of Joseph Elliot back to life.  What made Joseph's story so relevant, was his involvement in the role of now legendary Hill 60. In conjunction with the research of Mrs Barrett and the 2024 Anzac theme to discover the stories of veterans in our local area, students have created the following visual presentation.  There is also a link to the extract from Mrs Barretts book, "Perseverance Prevails - The Search for Descendants of Stolen WWI Medals"  which covers Josephs story.  In the foyer of our school, you can also find a presentation of Corporal Elliots medals generously presented to the school as a part of Anzac commemorations.

Link to Christine Barretts story - Joseph Elliot 2nd Corporal 1, Tunneling Coy. A.I.F.



The creation of a memorial to commemorate the story of the Anzac and serving Defence Force personnel. Individual panels focus on 1. Women in the war effort  2. Active Australians serving  3. The role of Indigenous Australians in the WWI.

The Anzac Memorial Mural and Garden has been proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Brian McGuigan (OAM), Bunnings Maitland and Beautiful Blooms of Kurri.

Below are a selection of war stories based during World War I or World War II.  The narratives are written as part of the assessment task inconjunction with the physical project.


A Nurses Struggle

The Battle of the Somme

When you are Different

The Ghost of You

When you can no longer breathe