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Human society and its environment

“The future belongs to the curious”

Subject Overview:

History and Geography (HSIE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

In HSIE, we aim to inspire student curiosity to explore and think critically about the world- past, present and future. It is our role as educators to develop student's capabilities to question and challenge past and present narratives and understand perspectives different to their own. In our diverse and dynamic array of subjects, students develop an understanding that knowledge is problematic. History is the story of varying human experiences; historical events and personalities have shaped and influenced the life we live today; and history is constantly being re-written due to new learning. Geographically, how humans interact with the environment has consequences and we each play a personal role and responsibility in securing a sustainable future. The skills and knowledge developed in HSIE are transferable from school to further education, work and everyday life.

In Year 11 and 12, students have the option to study a diverse range of HSIE subjects :

Ancient History

Modern History


Legal Studies, or

Society & Culture.

Faculty Goals- Our core business

  • Inspire student curiosity about the world and willingness to challenge themselves as learners
  • Develop subject specific skills such as source and data analysis to enhance students' ability to think critically about the past, present and future
  • Develop student vocabulary to support enhance their skills in reading and writing
  • Develop student capacity to write academically- “like an expert” in each of our subjects
  • Investigate and explore past, present and future issues impacting society and the  environment through research, personal interest projects and fieldwork
  • Create and sustain inclusive learning environments, valuing cultural and personal diversity 
  • Broaden student horizons and understanding of the world through engaging and interactive learning opportunities, in partnership with community groups and external educational providers
  • Provide opportunities for students to investigate, develop and refine solutions to real world and local community issues and become informed global citizens

Staff introductions

Ms Flanagan (Relieving Head Teacher)

Miss Purcell

Ms Merrett

Mrs Tilden

Miss O’Connell

Ms Mason

Stage 4:

In Stage 4 History, students learn about civilisations of the ancient world and Australia’s colonisation experience and its impact on Aboriginal peoples. Their legacy project will be to contribute to a creative piece of writing, inspired by Aboriginal perspectives and experiences, to be published as an E-book. Later in the year, students will learn about the Polynesian expansion into the Pacific region and challenge the stereotypical representation of the Vikings as barbarians.

In Geography, students explore the physical environment of landforms and water in the world; how the world is interconnected in the modern era; and investigate the liveability of our local community, culminating in students working in groups to develop an idea on how to improve the liveability of Kurri Kurri.

Key Experiences 

Year 7- Cultural Immersion Incursion (Term 1)

Year 8- Geography mini fieldwork investigations (Terms 2 + 3) + Geography Interschool HPGE Challenge Day

Stage 5:

In Stage 5 History, students learn about Australians experiences in World War One and as a way of honouring our current military personnel, Year 9, with the help of our families and community, will work as a team to create and donate ANZAC Care packages to be sent overseas to our servicemen and women. Later in the year, Year 9 students will learn about the significance of the Industrial Revolution to our modern lives and the past and current practices of child labour. In Year 10, students will learn about the Australian experiences in World War Two, with a specific focus on the defence of Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s contributions to protecting our northern states. This learning will then lead into students understanding how activism by key people and groups has had a significant impact on improving the rights and freedoms of Aboriginals and African Americans.

In Stage 5 Geography, students examine the factors that contribute to human wellbeing; the reasons why people ‘change places’ - either by choice or forced circumstances; the human impacts on the environment and sustainable practices that Australia and the world should be prioritising to ensure the Earth’s future. Lastly, students will investigate the local, geographical issues threatening Stockton Beach and the community and evaluate the potential effectiveness of solutions proposed by local and state governments, environmentalists and Stockton community groups.

In this course, students are encouraged to challenge, question and think critically about the past, present and future.

HSIE Stage 5 Electives currently offered: History Elective and Commerce.

Key Experiences: 

Year 9- Living History: World War I Incursion (Term 1) + ANZAC Care Packages inter-class challenge (Term 1) + Geography mini fieldwork investigations (Terms 2 + 4)

Year 10- Stockton Beach Fieldwork Investigation (Term 3); and Envirothon Interschool Challenge Day

Stage 6:

The HSIE faculty offer a broad range of senior subjects- Ancient History, Modern History, Geography, Legal Studies and Society & Culture. All these subjects provide students with the opportunity to conduct their own research investigation or personal interest project and build skills specific to the subject and potential career paths.

Faculty Achievements:

Bands 5 and 6- Ancient History, Legal Studies, Modern History, Society & Culture

Year 9 ANZAC Memorial Project