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Technological and applied studies

‘The design process is an endless loop of hope’ – M. Cobanli

Subject Overview:

Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) is mandatory for all Year 7 and Year 8 students, and also offers a range of other elective subjects for students in Year 9 to Year 12. Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a design and production process using a range of tools, materials and techniques in theory and practical lessons. Technology and the understanding of the design process, enable students to learn how to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve their quality of life at home, school, in workplaces and in their community.

Faculty Goals

  • To offer practical challenges in IT timber, metals, engineering, food technology, design and technology, digital technology and textiles and design.
  • inspire ingenuity and resourcefulness
  • provide access to industry standard facilities, tools and processes in the creation of socially minded products
  • facilitate opportunities for students to create and explore possibilities across a vast spectrum of human-centred systems
  • provides hands-on activities to explore and address complex problems
  • support and encourage students in their learning and individual growth through expert teaching of content and creating connections with industry professionals

Staff introductions

Mrs Kidd (Relieving Head Teacher)

Mrs Price (VET Coordinator)

Mr Garrard

Mr Della Santa

Ms Hayman

Mrs Conserdyne

Miss Jones

Mr Rampone

Stage 4:

Students complete a range of engaging learning in:

- Engineering

- Metalwork

- Timber

- Food technology and agriculture

- Digital technology

- Textiles

Stage 5:

- Industrial Technology – Timber, Metal, Multimedia, Engineering

- Food Technology - Design and Technology - Information and Software

Stage 6:

- Industrial Technology – Timber, Metal, Multimedia

- VET Construction

- VET Hospitality

- Textiles and Design

- Design Technology