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‘I am not a teacher, but an awakener.’ Robert Frost

Subject Overview

The aim of English in Years K–10 is to enable students to understand and use language effectively. Students learn to appreciate, reflect on and enjoy language, and make meaning in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive, critical and powerful.

Students study language in its various textual forms, which develop in complexity, to understand how meaning is shaped, conveyed, interpreted, and reflected.

Students engage with literature from Australia, including the rich voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and from across the world and in doing so, broaden their experiences and become empowered to express their identities, personal values and ethics.

Students develop foundational literacy skills in the early years and progressively build on these skills. This enables them to learn about and control language in a range of increasingly sophisticated contexts.

Through interrelated practices and experiences in understanding and creating texts, students learn about the power, purpose, value and art of English.

In Year 11 and 12, courses available include: English Studies, English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension (1 and 2).

Faculty Goals

  • To create safe classroom spaces in which students are willing to share critical and creative ideas.
  • To empower students in their thinking about text/s and consequently, the world both within and around them.
  • Provide scaffolding and support for all students to become skilled writers and reach the next level of potential in their written communication.
  • To plan activities that support students in becoming empowered and confident literate communicators.

Staff introductions

Ms Golding (Head Teacher)

Ms Miller

Miss Noone

Ms Stewart

Ms Merrett

Mrs Douglas

Ms Norberry

Mrs Sams

Stage 4:

In Stage 4 English students participate in a variety of topics to become familiar with a range of texts. Through this engagement, they consolidate some key foundational skills. Students will enjoy studying the translation of a play from stage to screen, think about how stories have changed over time, examine genre and interpret poetry. They will also consider texts that are both by and represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Across Year 7 and 8 students are encouraged to become #Kurrifamous through their efforts in English.

Stage 5:

In Stage 5, students extend upon the skills learned in previous years and engage more meaningfully with drama texts, novels, films and poetry. In doing so, their writing becomes more sophisticated and they start to master the analytical form as a key milestone in preparation for Stage 6. In Year 9, students are encouraged to be creative and learn the resilience required to draft and edit their work. Following this, they consider which English pathway is best for them in Stage 6 and this informs their decision of topics studied in Year 10.

Stage 6:

In Stage 6 students elect their English pathway as it is best suited to their post-school goals. Students who are eager to enter the workforce or learn English skills relevant to becoming a young adult participate in English Studies (which has an optional examination to gain an ATAR). English Standard and English Advanced are also offered for the more rigorous study of English and prepare students for success in the HSC and university level academic writing. Extension courses are also available for students who possess a love for the subject and wish to explore this further.

Link to English Syllabus

Faculty Achievements:

- The Secretary’s Award for School Achievement (given for the faculty’s efforts in improving  assessment processes and as such, student attainment)