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Kurri Kurri High School has an innovative Career Education program for students. Our Career program aims to encourage students to be actively thinking and generating future pathways. The 21st century is a dynamic, evolving environment. Students need to have comprehensive transferable skills which will adequately prepare and create the opportunity for future success.

Futures Advisor:  Mrs Jenny Sellers-Fogarty

The Careers department at Kurri Kurri High School offers assistance with a range of different educational and employment programs.

We aim to prepare our students for future transitions and challenges. Our objective is to provide students with quality accessible career information. Providing students with information about subject selection and further training at University or TAFE after the completion of Year 10 and Higher School Certificate continues to be an important part of all our career programs. 

Throughout high school years, a range of careers based programs, events and opportunities are given to our students. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Classroom-based Careers lessons in year 10.
  • Options for work experience in Years 9-12
  • Students in Year 12 have participated in writing action and exit plans 
  •  Support for Traineeships and Apprenticeships including school-based arrangements
  •  Support for finding and applying for jobs, further training and tertiary education 
  • Assistance in subject selection 
  • Access to resources to assist in career planning 
  • Career-related events such as Speed Careering, Money Talks and Career Expo
  • Individual guidance and planning 
  • Careers Counselling which includes the appropriate subject selection, matching student's interest to appropriate careers
  •  Career pathway support 
  • Access to service providers and potential employers for information on employment requirements
  • Conducting careers excursions - EXPOS, TAFE Tasters and university visits 
  • Guest speakers careers workshops and school incursions
  • involvement in community programs 
  • Work experience organisation with local business and community partners 
  • Support of students undertaking School Based Traineeships and Industry related TAFE credential
  • Organisation support for the EVET programs. Year 11 and 12 students can attend TAFE and complete these courses as part of their Preliminary or HSC program. The TAFE competencies they gain may help them with either a future career or further TAFE training after the HSC. 
  • Transition support - APM Employment Services programs and other Career Education programs.


From the lessons and programs available, students can learn and gain valuable skills along with building their portfolio which can be added to their resume. The school encourages students to get qualified with RSA/RCG, White Card and Provide First Aid courses.

As they become available, Job Vacancies. Traineeships, Apprenticeships and Workplace Training opportunities are posted onto the Daily Notices appearing on the Parent and Student portal.

Kurri Kurri High students in Year 10 participate in weekly Career Education lessons. These lessons aim to partner career education, career development and student wellbeing by delivering information on educational pathways to future directions.

Lesson content includes: 

  • The World of Work
  • Future Directions - subject selection, TVET, SBATS and University Information 
  • Computer Skills - digital literacy 
  • Workplace literacy and numeracy
  • Life education 
  • Resume writing 
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  •  Skills and interests testing
  • Work readiness 
  • Workplace learning and experience 
  • Community service 

Students are welcome to drop in and make an appointment at any time.

Parents are encouraged to contact Careers if they have any questions or concerns.