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Head Teachers:  STEM Maths/TAS Mrs Jacqui O'Neill & STEM Science Mrs Samantha Ruzicka

The Kurri Kurri High School STEM Faculty is an amalgamation of three traditional faculty groups into a single ‘super' faculty.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The KKHS STEM Faculty is a combination of the Key Learning Areas of Science, TAS and Mathematics. 

STEM is guided by the NATIONAL STEM SCHOOL EDUCATION STRATEGY document published in December 2015.

It outlines our goals of;

  • Ensuring that all students finish school with strong foundational knowledge in STEM and related skills
  • Ensuring that students are inspired to take on more challenging STEM subjects

These goals are highly relevant as current international research indicates that 75% of the fastest growing occupations rely heavily on STEM skills and knowledge.

STEM Strategy (PDF - 570KB)

With the implementation of many new courses based on the National Curriculum, STEM teachers are taking the opportunity to develop more innovative learning experiences for students at KKHS. It is our hope that this hard work will pay off with increased engagement and achievement for students.

Please see the Key Learning Area subsections for details of courses offered by KKHS STEM Faculty in 2018.

 STEM Australia's Future (PDF - 560KB)