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Blue Hub

Blue Hub is focused on enrichment.  

Students in Blue Hub are committed to growing and learning.

They demonstrate a growth mindset and are determined to achieve their best at all times.

Students in Blue Hub may have an aptitude in a particular area, for example, mathematics, writing, technology, art or music.

In Blue Hub, students work independently, with the support of their teachers, to achieve the school value of Excellence.

They get to explore their own unique ideas and have a level of autonomy over what they learn and how they learn it.

Blue Hub is not only for students who are at the top of their classes academically, but it is also for students who want to engage deeply in learning.

All students in Blue Hub will be expected to have access to a device either by bringing their own or using one of the school's access options such as day loan.

How does my child apply for Blue Hub?

Blue Hub applications for 2024 will open on Monday May 29, 2023.

Blue Hub applications involve:

1. Online Student and Parent/Carer questionnaire to be completed by Monday July 24, 2023

2. Video upload. As part of the survey application, you must upload a short video that addresses the topic of "My Future". The video needs to be an MP4 file or .mov file format and should be between 1min30sec and 2minutes.

3. Year 6 Teacher online questionnaire to be completed by Monday July 24, 2023

4. Letters will be sent to invite applicants to attend an interview.

5. Monday August 7, Blue Hub Interviews

Questionnaire Links: Please use Chrome as your browser to open questionnaires

Part One:  Student Application

Part Two: Parent Application

Part Three:  Year 6 Teacher Application

What happens in the interview?

At the interview, your child will be asked a series of questions related to themselves, their hobbies and their school work.  They will present three samples of their best work from Year 6.  The work samples should be from a range of areas and include at least one piece of extended writing.

Any queries, please contact Tahnee Sams, Head Teacher Stage 4 on 4937 1877.